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Wealth-being by noburo

Seamless integration of financial literacy and financial behavior into a gamified mobile application

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Onboarding question:
How does your ideal home look like?

Most low-income workers have to leave their hometown to find a better job opportunity in a big city. Most of them prefer going back and living in the countryside after retirement. The question would give users the first impression that Noburo understands their background, life goals, and we are not an unfriendly budget control tool.

Home Screen

Home screen provides daily and customized greeting, real-time disciplinary score, motivations and reminders, and overall wealth-being status represented by weather conditions.

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In-app currency: noburo Heart

In order to improve app usage and hence training effectivity, users can collect noburo hearts through missions, and networking with financially behaving friends. They can be then used to redeem awards and discounts.

Wealth-being Status

Wealth-being status and score are shown. Radar chart consisting of five pillars of wealth-being: budgeting, debt, saving, protection in case of emergency, and planning skill is key to user's long-term wealth-being.

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