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Financial well-being for your employees

Noburo Wealth-being

Mobile Application

Gamified financial platform which makes your employees debt-free, sustainably improving organization's productivity.

Loan capital, financial literacy, and behavior training altogether within a single app.


How employees' financial problems
affect your company...

Heavy Debt, No Focus

Lack of focus due to financial stress is equivalent to as many as 12 days per year, costing more than a million baht for a 100-employee company.

Frequent Absence

Rate of absentism of debt-ridden employees is double as compared to stress-free employees.

High Rate of Accidents

60-80% of workplace accidents are caused by employees' stress, leading to loss of productivity and damaging company's reputation.

High Turnover, Low Loyalty

Relocation to flee from loan sharks cause companies losing their well-trained employees.

Noburo would love to partner with caring employers like you!
Let's create wealth-being for our beloved employees.

The less stressed employees are,
the more profitable organization is.

We inspire and create your employees' new habits by providing "Loan Capital & Financial Literacy".

because we believe everyone can learn and develop themselves.

Wealth-Being Solutions



Being debt-free starts with a brave heart

The most effective learning process is by doing based on heart-head-hands wisdom principle. Be it offline or online, the unique workshop stimulates new financial habits to your employees.


On-demand Pay Check

Solving irregular expense demand with neither interest nor having to be indebted


Loan Welfare leading to
Debt-free, stress-free Employees


The Rescuer

Stay worries-free in an emergency case; preventing you from unfair loan sharks.


10K Mission

Learning through financial missions, creating debt repayment plan to be free from loan sharks, and having 10K baht saving.

• Payday - advanced pay without interest

• Emergency Loan - to timely protect you 

• Mission Loan - no debt, 10K saving!

No credit check, No guarantor needed!


100K Mission

Saving and going to get rich - Collecting the first 100K Baht in 4 years. Turn unnecessary expenses into saving and investments, preparing for a good retirement life.



Saving created



Debt under Management



Endorsements from Participants

I really want to thank noburo
that they've practically given me a new life

I'm now happy and relaxed. We're able to mange and clear out our debts.

Noburo is like a key able to unlock our potential. We don't have to suffer anymore.

Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Bee - Auto industry worker

Our Caring Partners

I can see Noburo's genuine determination to help our employees. 

Ni, HR Personnel

Phuket Bangkok Hospital


Thanks for showing our employees the light at the end of the tunnel.


Maew, People plus Manager

Food Passion (BBQ Plaza)


Noburo makes employees' financial problem a simple one to solve.


Mod, Internal Communication

Toyota KhonKaen


" Noburo turns the boring finance subject fun to learn. Many users are surprised by their ability to be debt-free and overcome their old financial habits through the use of technology and Noburo's deep understanding to our clients."

Let's change your employees' destiny today!
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