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Noburo announced one of the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 Winners

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The prominent personal financial management company with the concept of “Wealth-Being services for blue-collar workers”, Noburo, was announced a winner of the Inclusive Fintech 50 in 2021

Bangkok, Thailand – October 27, 2021—Noburo Platform Co., Ltd. the fintech startup, today announced the company has been awarded as the winner of the Inclusive Fintech 50 in 2021. Noburo Platform, recognized as Noburo, is a social startup that provides solutions to ease the severe problems of debt and inequality which have been consistently rooted in Thai society. The Noburo Wealth‑Being platform seamlessly integrates financial behavior and financial literacy training into a gamified mobile application. Inclusive Fintech 50 is one of the world’s most prestigious competitions in the field of inclusive finance.

“Money is initially a tool to pay for a convenient life. But if we don’t rethink or improve our financial habits, we won’t be able to escape the loop. Without proper plans, life will uncontrollably be up to fate. This is the point where we want to step in and make a change.” said Thisana Thitisakdiskul, founder and CEO of Noburo.

“On behalf of my team, I’m so proud that our efforts have been recognized by this competition, which is sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, and Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief, with support from Accion and IFC. It shows that our work is effective in solving financial problems in the time of this current crisis, and it serves as a vote of confidence in our ability to grow at both national and regional levels.”

Worldwide early-stage Fintech companies submitted their applications for nomination to be the winners of Inclusive Fintech 50. Applicants were scored independently by industry leading experts including advocates, founders, and investors. To win the award, the winners are required to meet the selection criteria which are inclusivity, innovation, scale potential, and traction. The winners not only get visbility with the right partners, but they also attract greater opportunities to be invested in by leading investors.

“We are going to establish a global presence and have an opportunity to work with international Inclusive Finance. The award helps us run straight into mission completion sooner and stronger.” stated Thisana. “The most important thing of being a winner is not for Noburo itself but for something much more important: our society. Every recognition helps Noburo in its efforts to help people get out of the loop and be free from debts. IF50 will help us reach numerous people who are in need. Liberated from the debt cycle, millions of people can live a better and happier life.”

About Noburo

Noburo is the intermediary platform which provides employer’s workers fair credit access together with solid financial literacy by means of digitalized tools. Digital financial management tools like Robo-Advisor and Noburo Score are Noburo’s solution available to every employee who joins the program. The platform has been designed to be accessible for the people at the very base of the pyramid so that they can continue their lives with our principle of “Wealth-being through literacy and credit access”.

About Wealth-Being

“Wealth-being” is our jargon signifying a human potential to create his own financial happiness. Transforming from “Wealth” and “Well-being”, the word comprises three significant elements: an ability of financial management, living a dream life, and taking care of beloved ones. Noburo believes that “Wealth-being” is the birthright of everyone, regardless of one’s status. Trusting in our ways and solutions, we have been helping people unlock their innate potential and finally become “Wealth-being”.

The people who reach for help and find us, at Noburo called “Pi Fah”, implying blue (Fah in Thai) - collar or operational workers with financial problems. “I’d like to thank Noburo for helping me relieve from stress. Thank you for teaching me financial discipline. Every penny from Noburo will be fully utlized, no more splashing out. If only I found Noburo sooner, my life would have been a way better than ever.” said Utaiwan Wongpan, one of “Pi Fah” who succeeded the program with Noburo. “I have been longing for this day. The day that I can truly sleep with my eye closed without worries of insane interest whether it is weekly or monthly. In 2 years, I will pay off all the debts, and my life will be definitely happier than it used to be. I am wholeheartedly thankful for what Noburo did”.

Noburo trusts in the human potential to be “Wealth-being” and believes that the happiness will spread around and pass from one person to his/her families and colleagues, then a whole company and a society. The small beginning from a soul can ultimately result in a transformative social change.

Media Contacts:

Noburo Platform Co., Ltd.

Tel. (+66) 098-274-3550

183 Ladpro71, Saphansong,

Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310

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